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A collection of modern retro games for the ZX Spectrum
Vintage Software Systems Ltd is a privately owned small business dedicated to creating modern retro games, for use with vintage home computers, third-party emulators or as ready-to-run applications for popular PC operating systems.
Like many who were exposed to the addictive nature of Z80 assembler language programming at an impressionable age, we have an enduring fascination with the early 8-bit micro computers of the time such as the ZX Spectrum and others. To anyone who experienced the lure of those early machines, when often simply making something appear on the television screen was enticing enough, it became instantly clear that there was only one true purpose for them... Playing, or better still - making - games. Often it turned out that creating games was as enjoyable as playing them (or at least, more enjoyable than waiting for a tape to load) and the desire to do so today remains as strong as it was then.
We have a collection of newly created ZX Spectrum games to download, our games are hand coded in Z80 assembler language, from the ground up - just like the old days, but with the benefit of modern development tools. This allows us to create games which can be run directly on original vintage machines, third-party emulators or, as ready-to-run ZX Spectrum games for PC using our own game engine.
We believe the display technology of the time forms an essential part of the vintage game aesthetic, so our PC game engine also includes a virtual CRT emulation complete with phosphor persistence, and adjustable controls - for all the desirable qualities of a vintage display, without the drawbacks.
Exclusive Content
Our games are newly created titles for vintage machines, inspired by games from the classic 8-bit era. The games we create are not available free to download from other sites, or included in free distributions.
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To find out more about any of the products and services we provide, supported platforms and operating systems, or other general enquiries, please contact us or email us directly at info@vintagesoftwaresystems.co.uk
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